Did someone say MCo?!!!

affordable bigw edgeworkshops get the edge jobready luxforless makeup makeup artists mcobeauty woolworths Apr 22, 2022

Yes it was us!! We've been telling anyone who will want to listen.

Guess what! They've decided they love the workshops and are our supplier for the Makeup packs for our EDGE workshops!

We're still pinching ourselves!

It was our dream to be supported by a quality brand that was available to our students at a local place. Our admin Gema reached out and found the right person in Sophia, who works at Model Co their sister brand.

MCo have been so supportive and we're looking at having fun with them with upcoming events!

For the meantime they have been cool enough to give the EDGE workshops our own discount code for those shopping online!


Please use and share our code with your family and friends to benefit by using this amazing supportive brand!