How are EDGE different? careers different experts fun highschools job ready teachers Aug 23, 2023

It's the first thing I'd ask - externally or internally. 

I still do.

What makes us different from others? Why would someone choose us?

I created these to be different. To do what other companies won't do. I had my teacher hat on when these were created and as they evolve.

I knew my kids...

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EDGE to Moruya! career talks careers advisors careers week engaging fun highschool job ready job ready experts students year 10 Aug 23, 2023

We love getting the call from Careers Advisor Kimberli Eke - " Can you guys come and be part of our careers week?" It's always a "Yes!" from us.

Its quite a nice drive for us and the way down is scenic and coastal- how lucky are we. 

Moruya High is a town on the South Coast of NSW, in the...

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