EDGE to Moruya!

Job ready lecture with high school students

We love getting the call from Careers Advisor Kimberli Eke - " Can you guys come and be part of our careers week?" It's always a "Yes!" from us.

Its quite a nice drive for us and the way down is scenic and coastal- how lucky are we. 

Moruya High is a town on the South Coast of NSW, in the Eurobodalla region. Amazing beaches, cafes and a town supportive of thier students.

What always impresses me, is the amount of students working in part time or casual jobs. There is a feeling everywhere amongst all students that they feel the 'city' students have more at their doorstep, more courses, more jobs on offer. For some part that is true- but I tell them. "It's not an actual advantage if you don't take up the advantage. "

Majority of schools we went to had the regional and rural students outnumbering the students in more urban areas when it came to work. Regional and rural students take opportunities, are way more proactive than their city counterparts.

There's always an excpetion of course, but majority of this 45 strong group already had employment. When I ask the groups of the same age in city areas, I'd be lucky if 10 students were working.

Moruya High students are always supportive of each other too. The first year we were there, students were clapping in support of those who got up and got dressed- throwing them compliments. Usually, our stylist has to support and defend the brave ones for getting up and trying clothes on for us and typically the more vocal ones are sitting not doing anything in the groups. That certainly is not the case for Moruya High students.

Thanks always for having us, we love being part of your epic Careers Week. It's such a great initiative that the school supports. It's a lot of work for the careers advisor, but Kimberli is so great at making things happen and taking it in her stride with ease.

See  you again soon!

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