Hey there ! I'm Sharna..

I help careers advisors, parents and organisations to help young people increase their knowledge and employability skills to confidently enter the workforce with workshops and online courses.



Hello! I'm Sharna

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Free Interview Outfit Guide

Want to see the latest fashions from the major stores to wear to your next interview? 

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Time poor teacher? Facilitator? Employment advisor? Want to help your students or clients with quality Australian resources that won't cost you a fortune? These are targeted towards young people and people entering the job market for the first time.

Let's help you to educate your students and clients from clothes to cover letters and everything in between.

They can complete the course from any device with internet connection.

Or maybe it's our well received EDGE workshops you're after, a even a whole year group lecture perhaps?

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Can't wait to learn in your careers classes? Needed to write your resume and cover letter- like yesterday?

Did you just ask what a cover letter is? Oh no! It's ok, we've got you. Check out our courses and coaching options for that bit extra!

Short courses, longer ones, whatever you need we have it here for you.

Testimonials about EDGE Programs

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Meet Sharna...

A former careers advisor who have left schools to service the gap between employers, parents and students.

Being in careers is a constant job. Many teachers look at you and think  " Wow, you have it so easy." Fun, yes. Full of variety yes, but easy? No- far from it.

A good careers advisor is part of the fabric of the whole school. We're across so many subjects as we see career paths to suit them all, and try and find the new ones that may spark something in even one of our students. We're constantly in meetings, talking to Deputies, Principals, Year Advisors, Parents or helping a student source some clothes for  work experience and even driving them to it.

Most days you'd assess the level of success of your day by whether you were able to eat or not! You'd be that busy every single day.

What we didn't have was time. Time to work with students one on one was a time consuming task, when you have parents , deputies and organisations pulling you from all directions.

Every time a parent comes in we would be having the same conversation about how 'times have changed'.

Times have changed and I want people to be able to access up to date information without having to go to a boring school meeting during school hours. 

Even if they were after hours, the numbers were always low. When you have limited time, the last thing you want to do is spend it in a school hall, all trying to talk to the same teacher?

So let me help you. Whether you're a teacher, an organisation, a student or a parent- let my team help you.

Have a look at what can work for you- there are a lot of options without waiting!

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MCo Beauty are supporters of our EDGE workshops! 

We are pinching ourselves! To have such a leading Australian beauty brand love the idea of our EDGE workshops, and want to  help is super exciting for us! They are helping us supply gift packs to the students in the makeup lessons. Have a look at cool products they supply our students with!

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What Do You Do?

This is a question I always ask of most people I meet. People need to know that there are amazing pathways you can take at any age! We're recording these episodes now so they'll be in your ears soon wherever you get you get your podcasts from! Have a cool pathway story? Connect with us on socials, I'd love to hear from you!

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EDGE on the EPP

We are a job readiness provider on the Education Pathways Program for the NSW Department of Education. We have been working with 24 pilot schools in NSW in the North Coast and South West Sydney. Now we're presenting to students in the Illawarra and Shoalhaven, Southern Highlands and South Coast, Hunter and Newcastle, Western Sydney and we're excited to work with schools in regional areas of Tamworth, Moree, Inverell, Armidale and heading to smaller schools in Emmaville, Bundarra, Ashford, Peel, Oxley and more..have a look at our upcoming EDGE schedule!

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