Hey friend, I'm Sharna


I help make the job ready process from school or training into work without hassles, self doubt or confusion.

I run physical face to face workshops and help students by giving them unbiased careers advice, access to professionals that work with them hands on in hair, clothes and skincare. I also connect them with local employers who tell them exactly what they want.

For those who cannot access a physical workshop I have courses that your students can complete online- in their own time, at their own pace.

From gaining work experience, to contacting employers, to nailing an online interview- they can access it all from anywhere a device may be.

Be assured they will be looked after. I've been doing this for a long time. I have a brilliant team behind me willing to help your students.

Let me help you or your loved one / students enter the workforce with self-confidence and the social skills they need to be employable, stand out and be seen.

My journey to here in a nutshell

  • Two decades of fulfilling teaching experience, specialising in PDHPE (Health and PE) and Japanese.

  • Discovered my passion for helping students explore their potential careers while working in the careers field

  • Left teaching and worked with companies who wanted to engage young people

  • Equipped with a Graduate Certificate in Career Development to make a meaningful impact.

  • Back in schools in a careers position I was frustrated with limited resources , budget and time for advising 1400 students which led to a proactive solution.

  • I created comprehensive online and physical courses to empower students and support busy careers advisors.

  • Dedicated to breaking down barriers and providing job-ready skills and confidence to all students no matter thier location or socioieconomic status.


Join me on this transformative journey to unlock a brighter future for the next generation of self-assured professionals. 

Be assured your students will be in good hands. I've been helping students work towards dream jobs for a long time!

Ôí嬆¬† ¬† Finding the best career options & pathways is what I love

Ôõst ¬† ¬†I'm a rescue greyhound lover- I have three of my own!

     Don't make me sit still too long! It's difficult!

     I help students get the confidence to take thier first step towards a meaningful job throughout the whole of NSW

How would you feel if:


‚ėÖ¬† ¬†Your students were more confident to take on opportunities

‚ėÖ¬† ¬†Your students know how to network and confidently promote themselves amongst employers

‚ėÖ¬† ¬†You gave your students access to quality Australian¬† resources that helped you feel reassured you're helping them in every way possible


I've been in the teaching space a long time. Making students feel confident with genuine pathways and connections is what I do best. Careers is not a one-size fits all approach, and you should only expect the best for your students.

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