How are EDGE different?

Showcasing why we are different job ready experts

It's the first thing I'd ask - externally or internally. 

I still do.

What makes us different from others? Why would someone choose us?

I created these to be different. To do what other companies won't do. I had my teacher hat on when these were created and as they evolve.

I knew my kids didn't want to be talked at. Involve them- know your stuff, don't be cringey. Mention the wrong thing and an audience of teens have got you nailed. It's brutal if you don't get it right.

I see programs today and see photos of kids bored, yawning, laughing to their mate. That's not engagement. They're waiting for them to finish. That's what makes us different. 

1) You have the assurance that over 100 teachers have been part of our workshops and mentioned how engaged their students were and how surprised they are. I get it- I was the biggest skeptic of things in schools. Only because they sucked and never hit the mark with my students and I spent more time managing their behaviour- which could have been fixed by a better presentation.

2) They work hands on- they do the learning themselves and guided by a professional.

This is something others won't do. From a business perspective- there's a lot of people involved, a lot of training, investment in their staff, product- and travelling with all the equipment isn't easy. It's expensive to run. That's why you get people delivering from a laptop to the masses. That's cheaper to run.

They're right- but we do it our way- because its the best way they learn and what's in the best interest for your students. Ask a student about what they learnt from a lecture last year- or go and ask a student what they worked on in a practical lesson - or even better an EDGE Workshop- and it's what they remember the most. We do it well. Our staff are amazing and are experts at teaching and engaging at the same time, creating rapport quickly that gives them confidence- and they feel bullet proof.

3) We stay in our lane.

I know young people well, and getting them job ready and confident is what we do. We're not a company prentending to be one thing and delivering something else. We're the Job Ready Experts and have been honing our craft since 2013.  We're the experts at engaging young people in your school, and helping them transition into amazing companies that want to invest in changing the landscape of their workforce.

Want to know more? 

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