A Bit of HSIE!

HSIE Subject Selection Image

Want to run your own business? Want to have your voice heard? Are you passionate about injustice? Love listening about the environment and how we can help? Prefer a personal interest project? Does your music have messages behind it? Want to be smart about your workload in Year 11 and 12? Listen to our chat with Ron Davison and how Social Sciences subjects work together and also with other subjects like CAFS and PDHPE. Also how Tik Tok helped his Year 12s..

Listen to passionate HSIE teacher Mr Ron Davison talk about how the subjects his faculty offers reflect the changing world around them- and you'd be crazy not to pick one up if you're interested. He's not keen on any teacher trying to persuade a student not to choose a social sciences course- and talks how even his own children are sick of his extensive knowledge 🤣