EDGE to The Ridge!

Well this was a pinch me moment. I never thought the workshops I created could reach as far as Lightning Ridge.

All of the organisation, the logistics, the conversations- this trip was a year in the planning. Even one week out things changed and schools moved around.

Lucky, The Ridge were on a Friday and we rolled into town after our Wee Waa delivery- after the record 66 students in our workshop we were ready for anything The Ridge could throw at us.

I had a Year 12 group which makes me nervous initially as they've been there done that in so many aspects and are itching to leave school. However- these guys were different.

I didn't do my usual talk- it was more focued on them and their genuine pathways after school. They were ready for adult conversations and gave back a lot by opening up and talking about what they'd like to do in the near future. Being a careers advisor and a teacher I have the ability to change the message on the spot so its relevant for them ansd thier community.

They were keen in the practicals and were so respectful, joining in - getting haircuts, having conversations with us who floated around. The students were nice enough to even chat music to my daughter to the keen musicians in the room. Maturity in buckets and the personaities to go with it.

The teaching staff were supportive and you could tell were a cohesive, happy group led by the amazing Principal, Richard Finter. He's a great leader who believes in his staff and students.

After school we were planning to relax at our cabins at the Big 4 Opal Caravan park which were close to the Artesian baths where we found local farmers come regularly to the spot and say its the only thing that has kept them so fit and flexible. It was ana amzing expereince and I loved the heat. They say the temps are around 38-40 degrees celcius. Perfect of a night and would be even more amazing in Winter!

We did the tourists things- went opal mining ( Alexia thought she would find something to buy her a car) went out to Grawin- The Club in the Scrub- and according to my son who considers himself a burger connoiseur- one of the best burger's he's ever eaten. It was a great place for the team to wind down and just enjoy themselves, sleep in and get ready for the rest of the week ahead.

Thanks Lightning Ridge- we will be back!