Wee Waa! A day we won't forget

Background: The day before we asked what numbers Wee Waa had ( standard question as we carry around gift packs with us) and we got an 18-20 answer. They were encouraged to put another class in to bring up the numbers to 40.

Anyway, we were excited- a great looking school and it looked like we were in a perfect hall for the numbers we were expecting. Then.....

Remember we talked about how flexible we were? We were certainly tested. The awesome careers advisor Steph said I was able to gather up a few, and we have around 80!!!

Now I can't hide anything on my face and the HTC Donna had the same look on hers. 80??

Their hall wasn't that large, we didn't have enough chairs for 60 let alone 80...plus we didn't have access to classrooms to run the breakout sessions- PLUS there is no way we have enough gift packs with us to have an additional 40- and our storage was two hours back to Tamworth!

We had to compromise and turn away Year 12s (sorry guys) but said yes to 66 students! As they were filing in and filling up seats in the hall, they felt like they kept coming! I even asked Donna to lock the doors- we still had to make it to Lightning Ridge with our gift packs and we were expecting 50 odd students out there!

The morning session went off so well and I was so pleased with how interactive they were! The practicals was going to be  the test. Another aspect they had taken care of in the background was the amount of employers for the huge amount of students. I still wanted it to be interactive and the HTC Donna and her team of Maria and SBAT EO Jacinta worked with CA Steph to pull in 8 different industries!

I thought our numbers would be less because naturally kids drop off- nope no one left! Onto pracs!

The lessons were outside, one inside the hall- noisy but a great noisy. All students were super engaged and respectful, helping eachother, taking turns, utilising every seat and every student was still working hands on- go us!

The lessons were hectic and the hair team just kept cutting until the end! 

The employer session was just awesome! So many engaged community members connecting with students to showcase what they do and what they have been a part of, and more importantly, locally what the students can be a part of.

A huge thankyou to:

Santos - Mark Rogers, Penny Magann-Jones

Essential Energy - Mark Summers

Narrabri Fish Farm - Rick Cunningham

Crop Capsules - Adam Perkins

Cotton Grower Services Steve Ainsworth and Garry Hibbens

Faber Tool Boxes and Metalworks 

Northwest Ag and Diesel- Simon and Grace