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 Work with EDGE- the Job Ready Experts who have been honing their craft since 2013. Created by a former teacher Sharna who was sick of the 'chalk and talk'.

 Work with Sharna- a former careers advisor and her team of experts to help your young person enter the workforce with confidence through online courses and  interactive workshops.


Hello! I'm Sharna

I help careers advisors, parents and organisations to help young people increase their knowledge and employability skills to confidently enter the workforce with workshops and online courses.
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Meet Sharna...


A former careers advisor who have left schools to service the gap between employers, parents and students.

Sharna Dawson is a former careers advisor on the South Coast of NSW with 20 years of teaching experience. She started EDGE in 2013 to provide a unique and practical approach to job readiness, driven by her frustration with the lackluster information available and the cookie cutter approach given to careers advice and programs. 

" They were boring, they sucked! Try and be the supervising teacher on a program where kids lose interest all the time. It's a nightmare. I knew I could do better because I don't want a student or a teacher going through what I have!"

One size does not fit most when it comes to careers in schools- and most companies don't get that. EDGE do.

Her programs have proven success and are delivered by a team of 25 talented contractors who are experts in engaging with students.

EDGE stands for Education Deportment Grooming and Employability skills and has delivered its programs to 148 schools across NSW during as part of the Education Pathways Program. EDGE navigated during floods and covid to still deliver in person and over 7000 students online- and its success has been nothing short of outrageous. 

" We kept going when other programs stopped. Our programs links with curriculum and were able to use covid safe measures to keep delivering. Whatever obstacle was thrown at us we delivered in a quick turnaround and kept going. Throughout 2022 we only had two cancellations out of 90 workshops- the schools cancelled them, not EDGE."

Sharna and her team are not your average group - they are a bespoke team of talented professionals who are dedicated to making a big impact in the lives of students. While anyone can try to copy what they do, they can't replicate the magic that sets EDGE apart.

"There wasn't anyone doing what we do. We stay in our lane and are good at it. We're good at making meaningful connections quickly in a way others just don't. I've seen plenty in schools and I know what works. Kids see through people pretty quickly and the fact we had students sneaking back into our workshops three times means something- right?"

Sharna firmly believes that everyone should have access to the same information and opportunities to follow their hearts when it comes to work.

"I'm a huge believer that it doesn't matter where you come from, if you have the work ethic, you will get places. I can walk the walk too. Most who go and deliver programs don't have the credibility to deliver. We have the backgrounds, the work ethic- all my staff do- they're handpicked for a reason, not just to fill a program or to tick a box."




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