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In one of those situations where you need a resume and cover letter quickly?

Did you just ask what a cover letter is? OMG! It's ok. I get it.

Let me walk you through the process that has helped 1000's of students. Plus it gives you the skills to change it yourself later.

Giving you skills for life and easy to use templates?

Too easy.

Not for schools.




Careers Advisors- I have your back. You are busy enough, chasing your tail, let me help you.

This course goes through everything your students need. Exploring what's out there, how to contact employers, understanding insurance, getting forms signed, first impressions, etiquette at work experience and more!

Use it as an additional activity to compliment your existing program.  Covering all aspects is not only helpful, it's compulsory you do as much as possible to prepare your students. Same messages, easy delivery broken into small modules with assessments they have to pass!

Again, an option for just yourself and select teachers to teach across classes, or you can have full access for all of your students for 12 months.




Ok Careers Advisors- you asked us and we listened. Here is the online job ready unit you've been asking for.

The coolest part is that you have it for one whole year, not capped at the amount of students and one affordable flat rate. This is huge value for money.

Use it for your careers classes, your work studies class, or pass us on and do elements with different year groups. It's yours for one year.

It will continue to stay relevant and updated.  From one qualified careers advisor to another. 


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Allyson Fisher - HT VET/Careers

Albion Park High School - Testimonial

"Sharna, along with her team of stylists, beauticians and hairdressers, provide a great day of activities and workshops that engage our students and encourage them to think a little differently about their personal image and presentation. The activities are interactive and practical and prepare students for stepping out into the world of work. The whole program provides a worthwhile experience for our students."

Jessica G - Yr 10 student 


"I liked the EDGE workshop because it was a practical activity. We actually got to try things to fully understand better what the presenters were trying to teach us. The presenters were all very lovely and welcoming and I learnt how to improve my online settings to protect my privacy."

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