Stop trying to cover everything!

Don't you wish you could have mini clones of careers advisors helping you out?

Well now you do.

This course goes through everything your students need. Exploring what's out there, how to contact employers, understanding insurance, getting forms signed, first impressions, etiquette at work experience and more!

Use it as an additional activity to compliment your existing program.  Covering all aspects is not only helpful, it's compulsory you do as much as possible to prepare your students. Same messages, easy delivery broken into small modules with assessments they have to pass!

Again, an option for just yourself and select teachers to teach across classes, or you can have full access for all of your students for 12 months.


The is the ultimate course to get yourself ready for the workforce.

You've dabbled in work experience...

but you need help with resumes, cover letters, the latest hairstyles, fades and makeup trends- plus fashion?

Teachers- stop worrying about having your YouTube videos on point- we have EDGE professionals teaching them everything they need to know.

Use the programs that over 7,000 students have used, and actually gotten jobs off the back of it.

Over 38 videos, downloaded straight to an app on their phone.

You may be sick of online, but 100% students want to learn from their device away from school.

Let's give them an EDGE-ucation rather than another viral Tik Tok video that won't give them skills to pay the bills!


We're calling you!

 Attention all Organisations!


Do you need up to date information for working with young people?

Find it hard to find quality resources that aren't cringe worthy and relatable to young people?

Well a former Careers Advisor has created you quality resources so you can save your time and focus on what you need to do

Work with the 2023 Winners of the  Outstanding Education Service

Local Business Awards 


Complete EDGE - Access for your Organisation - pricing per head



Includes 2 x Online Courses

(The Work Experience EDGE & School EDGE Program)

  • Access to 24 units delivered by Job Ready Experts in our signature School EDGE program
  • Plus add in another 17 lessons to gain work experience- guided step by step!
  • Give your students current Australian information
  • Save time with our Done for You resource
  • 12 months access to two courses written by a careers advisor
  • A full step by step Work Experience EDGE Course- from seeking it to completing it
  • Individual student logins will be provided per person purchased to work at their own pace
  • Students have access to content at home via app
  • Increase their confidence and social skills in applying for a job or going for a traineeship or apprenticeships with over 50 lessons   
  • Give your students current Australian information
  • Print off downloads for your students
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